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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

More, with the food...

goma on toast, originally uploaded by mckibillo.


Yeah, but, but look at this stuff. Black as tar, but tasty as pie, it's sesame cream. Looks like industrial epoxy, but spreads like butter and smells slightly of dark coffee. Who knew something pitch black could be so tasty. I'm declaring it the new peanut butter.

So, we'll be doing Thanksgiving, but delayed until the weekend. Invited a bunch of Yu-chan and Yumi-chan's friends over, they'll be about 10 folks in total. We had to order the turkey from some outfit called the Foreign Buyer's Club. Seems turkey's aren't all that common here. Or cranberry sauce from the can... the only way to go, sliced and quivering on a plate.

Well, if we can't get everything we need, at least they'll be enough sesame cream for everyone.