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Friday, January 28, 2005

Home project

I realized that a while ago, a couple of months actually, I promised that I would post some photos of how we're living. Well here they are for your delectation.

the kura
When we first moved here we had thought about living in the kura, which is a small detached 2 story building that serves as a storage shed. Miyuki and Tito are posing in front of it in the photo above. "Storage shed" makes it sound crappy but actually it's a rather sweet space, like a mini loft, but done up with thick earthen walls and ceramic roof tiles. It just proved way too pricey to fix up for domestic living though. But I'm hoping to use it as a studio when it warms up in the Spring. So instead we opted to turn what had been in use as the laundry room into our bedroom.

Our bedroom was the laundry room
Here's a before.... dig that wood paneling baby.

Painting, kinda digging the pinstripes
During... pinstripping is cool right?

After... our lil' den of domestic bliss.

Kitty likes it.

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