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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Day 4

Miyuki and Nico moved to the midwife's yesterday. Wow, what a change. It's initially where we wanted to do the birth before opting for the C-section. It's a great, relaxed, friendly, warm place full of Mom's and kids. Miyuki's loving it. And Nico? Well, she's getting her first real meals. The hospital was fine, efficient and well run, but gave Miyuki squat in the way of info; but especially on how to get the breast milk flowing. The midwife, Saito-san, is apparently the all-Nippon champ in coaching new Moms how to breast feed babies. It's an amazing difference in only one day. Both Mom and daughter seem very happy with the results. Besides hospitals are for sick people. Even though Miyuki's still recovering from the surgery, still in a little pain, we're planning on bringing baby and Mom back home on Monday.

Now some pix:

lil' smiley
Who's the happy baby?

sleeping beauties
My sleeping beauties

doin' what comes naturally
Just like Mom's home cooking

with dad
A little quality time with Dad

wide awake
Wide awake... and not crying!