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Saturday, January 21, 2006


Nico was quite the lil' celebrity today. We went for lunch to a new "Japanese style" restaurant today that opened up about a week ago. The place is really pleasant, with a big, airy interior, great views of the nearby mountains and some very, very yummy soba and udon dishes. Miyuki had soba (which is a kind of buckwheat noodle) and duck and I had udon (a flour noodle) and katsu, which is basically a veal schnitzel.

But Nico was the real star. She was the waitress special. The sweet, old(er) ladies couldn't get enough of her.

New ones kept coming by to get their turn holding her.

I got slightly (only slightly) nervous when one of them asked if she could take her around to show to the rest of the staff. I wasn't sure if in their zeal she might not accidentally end up in a soup pot. But no such worries. She came back to us undipped, unbreaded and just as sweet and tender as ever. She got to be a celebrity and we got to slurp down our noodles at ease.

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