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Sunday, January 08, 2006


You may have noticed an absence of the Dailies from Takayama for the past few days. Seems my trusty keitei, my mobile, my cellphone went missing in a bottle of alchohol one fun night out last week. But, this being Japan, I was able to pick up a new one right quick, a Sanyo w32sa, that has even more features than the last one and for the astoundingly cheap price of (equivalent to) $20 U.S. As for features... this lil' guy is amazing, besides taking pics and movies it also can receive FM radio and analog TV signals... I can watch Japanese TV on my phone. It also can act as a mini FM transmitter so I can beam music from it to stereos, etc. And it has an infrared port for remote controlling stuff and exchanging info. Oh yeah, and it's GPS enabled. And of course, it's got web access. Basically, it's got shit I'll never use in a million years. But, I'm in love.

BTW, Sanyo just keeps making great stuff lately. For regular picture and movie shooting I use my Sanyo Xacti which I also love.

But without further ado here are today's Dailies from Takayama.