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Friday, March 31, 2006

Regime change

Well, I have to admit it. I can deny it no longer... Nico now owns this blog. I cede this bit of cyber space to her. Because I know that for the 5 people who regularly look here, it's really only the Nico pics y'all are interested in. So it shall be, from henceforth this blog is now "Operation Endearing Nico".

For rants and the occasional collected oddity, I set up another blog called "Not Nico". If sufficiently bored, please go check it out. Also, I've started a new blog just for my illustration related posts; that's over at Drawger. If you're at all interested in illustration you should check Drawger out as it's home to allot of really talented folk, fellow illustrators whose work I have admired for years.

OK, now back to Nico.