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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Tears of a clown....

Well, the whole silver hair thing hasn't really gone as planned.

We went back to mega-mall Apita to the salon "Largé" (that's French for "Large"...), a new salon owned by one of Yu-chan's friends, Shimizu. Nice fella and a capable stylist, I like the cut portion of my "cut and color". But the color... well, let me just say I'm feeling a little bit country, a little bit drop-and-roll and run away yelping into the shadows. Halfway between a rodeo clown and a wash and set little old lady. My request for silver has resulted in hair that is, in fact, PURPLE.

Judge for yourself, here is the before:

Tears of a clown

and here is the after:

Tears of a clown

I believe a follow-up appointment will need to be made. To see more of this sorry mess, click here.

On the other hand, Thanksgiving was a huge success.





I'm thinking the turkey made out better than I did.... To see more click here.