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Monday, December 27, 2004

A fine old time

So a couple of posts back I mentioned that our friend Sachi came to visit us. Here's a little recap of her visit (just to show you what you can do in Takayama if you're planning on a visit... (that's a hint):

tofu lunch

You can have a delicious meal at the all-tofu joint.

sachi meets sake

Follow that up with some fresh brewed sake at the brewery down the block.

big pimping style

Then hook up with Daigo-san, friend, local big-willy and all around excellent dude.

my whip

He'll let you sit in his ride, looking quite foolish.

daigo's ride

And for a small fee, he'll show you around, jinriksha style. He'll even race a bit, for thrills (a short movie of which can be seen here.).


If you're Sachi, you could buy several stunningly gorgeous, antique kimonos for half what you'd pay in Tokyo.

Simply put, you can have a mighty fine time. Y'all come up now, hear?