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Thursday, February 03, 2005


your child is missing
Your child could be missing...

3 feet!
...in the almost 3 feet of snow...

...that fell over the last few days.

Well, my back's a bit sore but we seem to be mostly all dug out.

We had been planning on leaving town this past Tuesday for Miyuki's birthday (Feb. 1st, for those of you keeping count) but as it turns out I'm glad we didn't. This snowstorm hit most of Japan and where we were planning on going, Kanazawa, would've been a lot of fun if you like trudging through waist deep snow. Actually, a town not too far from us got smacked with over 6 feet of snow. Hold on, I don't think I conveyed the proper emphasis... 6 FEET OF SNOW!

We had been planning to go here, to check out the opening of the new art museum. Well, the plan's back on for next week. I'll give a report following.