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Monday, April 18, 2005

And they're off!

We're heading out today, back to the bosom of NY for 3 weeks.

After 6 months in Japan, and more recently, one week in Tokyo, I wonder how the chaotic filth and wonder of there (NY) will stack up against the chaotic wonder and cleanliness of here. When we were living there and would return from vacations or just time away, I would always welcome the squalid glamour of the place with a kind of wistfull, melancholic glee (if that makes any sense). Or, alternatively, a kind of hardned, ironic pleasure in taking in a big lungfull of the stink and letting the waves of stress wash back over me like embracing some crazy, sexy, fucked up girl friend. Well, I guess we'll just see....

One thing's for sure though, we're gonna stuff ourselves like pigs.