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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

DEFINITELY Zen archer, not

Yesterday was the last day of our month long introduction to kyudo, a form of Japanese archery. You can see my earlier post about it here.

It was interesting and challenging... and I'm glad it's over. I felt like a bull in a china shop the entire time I was in class. I felt like I was all knees and elbows and big ass thumbs. Perhaps, in actuality, I wasn't the worst in class, but I certainly felt that way. In addition to understanding maybe only 10% of the spoken instructions, I also didn't grow up learning how to slide over tatami matt floors. So everytime I tried to emulate the sliding, gliding movements I just looked like I was doing the "spastic robot".

But Miyuki kicked ass. I'm hoping she takes it up again after the baby is born.