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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Linimo no no

Brought to you by Visa
Ok, so I've posted before about trying to use credit cards in Japan and how confounding it can be. This perfectly illustrates my point.... What you see above are the ticket windows for the new Linimo train. The thing is straight up Buck Rogers; floating on a magnetic cushion above flat rails and accelerated by linear magnetic coils. The (possibly, green) future of public transportation, in other words. And the future is being brought to you by VISA, along with the Aichi Expo. I'm sure VISA paid good yen to be at the starting gate to the Expo, and by association a bright, shiny future.

However, your credit is no good here
So you can imagine both my shock and amusement upon seeing the sign above taped next to the ticket window.

Seems my credit is not only of dubious value in present day Japan, but the future's not looking to bright either. Guess I won't be needing to buy those shades after all.