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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Saito-san's, originally uploaded by mckibillo.

So yesterday my "girls" came back home from Saito-san's, the mid-wife's place. Saito-san is in the center of the photo (uhm, without her fingers stuck up her nose... hey, I said the place was full of kids). She's really amazing. Miyuki was a bit sore from her initial breast feedings so at 5 a.m. Saito-san hopped on her scooter and put-putted away into the dawn light to pick up some medicinal leaves from a local farmer. She returned a bit later with a bag full of little, round green leaves that looked a little like organic pasties. When Miyuki put them on she looked a bit like a Green stripper.

But now sexy mama and the baby girl are both safely back home.