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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Picture time... and an anniversary

I realize I've been a bit slack in the picture department so I'm posting a bunch (below). This coming Tuesday, Oct. 4th, Nico will be a whole month old! She's been busy, packing on the pounds (and seemingly poo'ing 'em right back out again). She's up to almost 8 pounds, 2 more than when she was born.

So to celebrate, and because it's was a spectacularly nice day, we decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood. I got to play at being an oyabaka which is Japanese slang for... well, there's no direct translation, but basically it means silly Dad or literally "stupid old man". It's a contraction of oyagi (old man) and baka (stupid). But it really is meant to describe a Dad stripped of all propriety by his love for his child. Yeah, I'm cool with that.

As I was posting this, Miyuki reminded me that it's been a year... we arrived in Japan October 1st, 2004. Wow, time flies when you're making babies... ;->