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Sunday, September 25, 2005


Nico... Elijah, Elijah... Nico.

stereo dad's
Stereo Dad's

How cool is the interweb? I just got off an iChat session with my bro and we played dueling babies. Thank you DARPA (it's true) for making this moment possible.

But poor lil' Nico's got a bad case of baby acne. Her sweet little face is covered in tiny zits. It freaked me out until I read (everywhere I could) that it's a normal part of infancy.... still, it freaks me out a little. Explosive poo I'm cool with, but these tiny zits spook me.

In other news, as much as I'm bummed about getting cut from that NYTimes article, I'm equally excited about this week's new TIME magazine where I'll have 7 illustrations in a spread about future energy. Here's a sample:

I worked at TIME briefly back when I was doing graphic design full-time so it's really sweet to have gotten something into my old "alma matter".