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Saturday, December 03, 2005

It's about time

OK, well it's been a week since the folks went back home and I've been smacked with work. I'm not gonna have time for a full on post of all the pictures from their trip, but if you'd like you can see more of them (and us) in the flickr link I posted previous. Here it is again.

But here's a couple to show what a good time we had....

Joel being the lovable goof he can be...

bigger starfish
and Rachel playing leaf "angel" with Nico.

On the work front I just finished up some illustrations for the American Airlines in-flight magazine. Does anyone ever read those in-flight magazines except to find out what the movie lineup is? Actually, there's quite often some good stuff in them; at least when it comes to illustration... obviously.

I did several pieces for them to accompany an article about famous bank robberies. I guess crimes are OK to highlight, so long as no highjackings are involved. Here's one of the pieces:

It's about how some robbers were foiled because they left a half-eaten sandwich on the scene. That pesky DNA dontcha know. I did it in a kind of "old-timey" treatment that I've been playing with recently. I did a few pieces for GQ in a similar style.
Here's one:

Just a bit of fun.