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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bumbo party

We recently got a Bumbo for Nico after reading my brother rave about it on my lil' nephew's blog. And yeah, it's great! It's a really simple, smart product and just works so perfectly well it's hard to imagine this not having always existed. It projects a bumbo shaped hole retroactively back through time begging to be filled.

That, and it's a really smart baby seat. But even in our excitement removing it from the box I couldn't help but be struck by one of the photos on the packaging....

I mean seriously, they could have done waaaaaay better than this. These babies look totally wacked on sugary fruit juices and spiked mothers milk. It's like 3 am, all the party decorations are falling, the static cling has leeched out of the balloons and streamers, Mom and Dad are crashed on the couch and these three dudes are stuck in their comfy Bumbo's totally glazed, unable to move. Hardcore...

See what I mean?