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Monday, January 09, 2006

Cold as a witches...


I normally NEVER got colds back in the States. Seriously. Of course I had the assorted hangovers, headaches, injuries and excruciatingly painful gum surgeries... but never colds or flu's. Really.

But it's SO damn cold up here in the mountains and has snowed SO much (continuously for about 2 weeks) that I just keep sniffing and getting sore throats, etc. I'm fighting a fairly nasty one now.
It also doesn't help that the houses here are so poorly insulated against the elements. My office today, before turning on the kerosene heater, was only 2 degrees Celsius warmer than outside. And outside it was -8 degrees, or 17 degrees Fahrenheit.

Times like these I really pine for our overheated Brooklyn ghetto pad.