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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Back at it


so, after a prolonged absence I'm back... was swamped with work (yeah! and boo... the freelance life is one of feast or famine and when the buffet is laid out ya gotta gorge on it till it hurts). Also, we took a nice little break down with the in-laws for a bit of a chill. Or actually, to warm up... we really needed to get away from the icy grip that is a Takayama winter. So it was nice to just hang out at Takashi and Kiyomi's place, eating Kiyomi's great cooking, watching CNN on cable and reading comics on our iBook.

But in fact, we were busy... apartment hunting.
After going through a second frigid winter up here in the mountains, shovelling out the waist deep snow, shivering in a poorly insulated, drafty building that is the Japanese norm in homes and huddling next to dangerous, smelly kerosene heaters for warmth, I decided enough is enough. We're leaving the snowy heights of our mountain stronghold for the generally balmy climes of the Kanto plain. We found a place, a 2 storey house in Chigasaki with a little yard and a driveway just big enough for our lil' car, Champ. Chigasaki is about 40 minutes outside of Yokohama and an hour away from Tokyo. It's also just down the beach from Tsujido where the in-laws live... very convenient for baby sitting duty.

We didn't plan on moving so soon. We'll be moving down next month, April. WE had originally thought we'd be doing it in the Fall. But, y'know how it goes with apartment hunting... it's like potato chips, you see one, then you can't stop and pretty soon you've eaten the whole bag. Or in this case, signed a lease.

So the next few months are gonna be busy.

Ok, now for a Nico fix:

Blue skies and a smiling baby. More pix TK.

BTW, I'm thinking of starting a separate blog just for all things Nico.

To divide my already miniscule web traffic even further.