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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Algorithm Taiso

Last Sunday we did something really fun. We headed into Tokyo -Harajuku specifically- and met a bunch of fellow geeks for a bit of “Algorithm Taiso” or “algorithm exercise”.

Algorithm Taiso is a segment on morning kids TV over here, courtesy of NHK, the Japanese equivalent of the BBC, which produces some fantastic programming. It’s 2 guys doing a routine where they synchronize their movements as they do a kind of “march”. Oftentimes they include others in the march. Sometimes cooks, sometimes pro-wrestlers or in the example below, ninja’s.

Miyuki found these folks through one of her communities on mixi, which is a kind of Japanese friendster. It’s a huge community (just the Algorithm Taiso one), well over a thousand people. But for the “off” meeting only about 12 people showed. A real eclectic bunch too (including us as well, of course).

We weren’t very good (well I wasn’t at any rate), but it was an awful lot of fun. Too see us in action, watch the clip below.

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