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Monday, December 27, 2004

More simple pleasures

Another entry on unalloyed pleasure...

Yesterday was lovely, w
e decided to take a little day trip to the town next door, Furukawa.

We started out with some lunch at Kuni Hatchi, a place that serves local food. Country cooking at it's finest.

inaka soul food

We had tofu steak (on the left), grilled pork and peppers (on the right) and pork soup. Country cooking in Japan, at least in the mountains, is saltier and more flavorfull than the city stuff. Miyuki's says it's on account of the long winters... food is salted to last longer and by making the flavor more intense, it's possible to ration it by extending it with rice. And lot's of stuff is pickled too. About a week ago we had "pickle steak", actually it was more like a pickle omelet but it was damn good.

So after we put on the feedbag, drove to Furukawa and took a stroll through town.


Walked along the canals.

candle shop

Picked up some candles at a 200 year old candle shop.


winter moon

Took some photos.

Then finished up our day at an onsen. If you've never been or don't know what one is... oh friend, you're missing out.