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Monday, January 17, 2005

Some of the wackiness you crave

A few shots from our recent trip to the capital (Tokyo)... lest you forget the oddness of living here. For those of you who are bandwidth challenged, sorry for the load times.

don't be mischievous
"This is an emergency button. If you use mischievously you will be punished according to Japanese law." So don't be a noodnick!

big sale on kicks
Because you can never have enough.

local hero
Dude's been tearing it up around Shinjuku for years apparently. Even had his own brief bit of fame on the TV. Where will you go now fierce tiger clown, where? Perhaps you can team up with Gloomy....

Hi there Gloomy!
Say hi to Gloomy, the lovable psychotic bear with happy gobs of gore on his claws! Comes with his own branded line of accessories for every age.

White Trash Charms Japan
I've always suspected as much.

cop in a box
Cop in a box.... she looks so forlorn, yes?