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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Bigger than Evita?


Miyuki's star is rising, well in Argentina at least.

Some of you may remember the above design from Miyuki's 31st birthday, when we celebrated the occasion with a bowling party at the Port Authority bus terminal in NYC. It was fun and surprisingly (and for me at least, a bit disappointingly) un-sleazy. Well, now my honey's grinning visage will soon be gracing the sweaty chests of club kids all up and down Buenos Aires.

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a fellow named Martin from Argentina who runs a small fashion label called Tercerojo that caters to the club scene. Seems he ran across my mckibillo website and liked what he saw. But in lieu of cash (the Argentine peso not being exactly the best cash investment these days) we're doing a barter, he gets one time printing rights and we get a bundle of cool shirts, including the "Miyuki Masters" when it's printed. Seems like a fair trade... I never would have gotten around to doing it myself and we both dig the idea of Miyuki's mug bouncing around the streets of another continent.