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Friday, February 18, 2005

Chicken little... not?

New Scientist Breaking News - Stockpile bird flu vaccine now

Why do I feel that we may, by living here in Japan, be next to the epicenter of what could potentially be the next global pandemic? And should I worry? Does it matter where you live in such cases? Or does it just matter that you live in a wealthy country, where vaccines can be produced, distributed and acquired fairly easily. Especially with nationalized healthcare, like they have here.

Or instead of worrying you could play "Das Partyzelt am Albanifest in Winterhur" found via Kotaku. As they describe it:
"You'll be hard pressed to find a better alcoholic flash game anywhere on the net. All you have to do in Die Wagenschenke is walk, but if you've ever been blitzed out of your mind you probably realize what a challenge that can be. In this blue-toned flash game you move your mouse back and forth, trying to maintain the balance of a staggering drunk who belches out yodels and swigs from his bottle as he marches toward you on the screen. I've made it 100 meters, but I've got a lot of real world practice."

While I've got lots of real world practice as well, I was only able to make it 50 meters. This game is a hoot and it consumes about 1 minute of your spare time... go play now.