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Monday, February 07, 2005

Sakana song

Tomorrow we're off to Kanazawa for a few days. I'll submit a full report upon our return. In the meantime I thought I'd leave you with this little ditty, the "Fish Heaven" song.

In Japan everything must have either have it own character or it's own jingle, often times both. I've already posted the call of the yaki imo man , the mobile kerosene vendor and the 5 o'clock song.

But so far my all time favorite is the "Fish Heaven" song, it's really catchy. You can hear in the fresh fish section of most supermarkets.
Click to listen. If you'd like to sing along, the lyrics are (courtesy of Miyuki):

sakana sakana sakana~
sakana o taberu to~
atama atama atama~
atama ga yokunaru~

sakana sakana sakana~
sakana o taberu to~
karada karada karada~
karada ni iinosa~

sa-sa~ minnade sakana o tabeyo~
sakana wa bokura o~
matte iru~"

Which roughly translated is:

fish, fish, fish
we'll eat fish
and we'll get smarter

fish, fish, fish
we'll eat fish
and we'll get stronger

so everyone let's eat fish
the fish are waiting for me"

So I guess a fish's idea of heaven is ending up in someone's mouth. Guess they're really not so different from us after all. Sorry.

If you'd like,
click here for more fish fun, including the "Fish Heaven" music video as well as dancing instructions. Also, if you'd like to check out the Hawaiian version of the song, click here (Windows Media Player file).