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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Back... and pissed!

OK so we're back. Actually we've been back for a couple of weeks now. Been lax with the blogging, but right after we returned, a friend from NYC (hey Dave!) surprised us with a visit. Much eating and drinking ensued, fun had by all. And blogging is a bit like exercise... it's kind of a chore and when you've stopped for a while it's hard to start up again. But you always feel better afterwards.

Now I was all ready to come back on here and provide a breezy recap of all the cool sh*t we saw down in the big TKO, including an unexpected Osama bin Laden purchase (huh?) in Yokohama (more on that later). But then I came across this:

To see why my knickers are in such a twist, see my previous entry below.

This is a RADICAL reworking of the piece I submitted. Now in the normal give and take of art director and illustrator during the commissioning process, it's not unusual for the A.D. to ask for some alterations to a piece; and for the illustrator to gripe. Sometimes the changes are for the good and sometimes not. I know, having been on both sides of the equation.

And it's NOT just a little "tweak". Tweaks are OK... slight adjustments in size to fit the layout, shifting the color slightly to match the page, etc. As an A.D. I've done all of that, but only after consulting with the illustrator first. But the act of vandalism above was done without my knowledge or consent. It was done after I submitted the piece and got approval for it. It indicates a vast disrespect on the part of the A.D. for what I do.

I wouldn't normally use this forum to bitch about biz stuff, but this is too MUCH. Also I posted already about this illo, so there's some reasoning behind bringing it up.

It's too late to do anything about what got printed in the paper. I'm just hoping the link to the image above (and the image itself) will be gone in a few days, expunged from the archives and no longer have my credit associated with it.