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Friday, March 25, 2005

moshi, moshi Osama


Say hi to my new Osama bin Laden keitei (cellphone) strap. This is one of my more noteworthy purchases from our last visit to Tokyo. Actually I found this little gem in a vast shopping complex in Yokohama. It was the last one left on the rack, guess it must've been a pretty swift seller. It's shocking... and a must buy.

Buying it is not endorsement of murderous radical Islamic fundamentalism. And I don't feel that it's shocking to buy some piece of kitsch like this. I was shocked however to find it being sold at all, and next to Hello Kitty and Dragonball Z paraphernalia at that. It's shocking for a number of reason's, one certainly being that it highlights how the market place has absolutely NO inherent morality (which really isn't a surprise) but more striking for me is how it illustrates the distance here from the current climate in America. The whole thing just seems so absurd and distant here. I mean Al Qaeda frogmen?!?!? Are you serious? Back in America, the coastlines are being fortified against a non-existent threat and here? it's dangling from my keitei. It's just about the scale of the response.

I'm just keeping the bogeyman close.