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Monday, May 30, 2005

Doing "The Hustle"

OK, I know NOTHING about Japanese pro-wrestling. I know only slightly more about American pro-wrestling. But I know wacky when I see it...

While perusing the stands at Valor, our local department/grocery store, I came across this gem of oddness, "Hustle". It's the first issue of the official organ of Monster Wrestling (I think) and Team Takada. The magazine itself is gorgeously produced, on thick stock, with a lush palette, great design and lurid, carnivalesque photos.

And the illos are awesome! Cinematic, f*cked-up genius.

Ah, but the characters... wow, such incandescent weirdness. If I had to pick a few favorites (and damn, it's hard to pick only a few, but y'know, bandwidth and all...) I'd have to go with:

(From left to right) "Himalayan Bigfoot", "Hustle King", "Gama Daiyo" and "Joe-san"

What's intriguing though is that some well known American pro wrestlers show up in the roster, including Goldberg and Dusty Rhodes. How did they get in here?

You can see the rest of the characters and pick your own favorites here.