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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Who knew? ...or touched a nerve

28 comments and counting... Now I know in the blogosphere tha' t'ain't hardly nuthin'. But for my lil' old site it's a personal best.

I'm talking about my Mahikari posts. Now, I truly claim to not know much about them, but they do creep me out. Apparently they tweak a few other folk as well, judging by this comment from a few days ago:
"take it from an ex-kumite who knows...this is a very mind numbing group practicing dangerous stuff. they hid the real origins of okada's teachings, and from experience i can tell you, if you have intelligent questions they will not answer. frankly, the hierarchy doesn't care if you have a problem with it, because like all other gutter religion, they are wimming in millions and millions of dollars, yen, and world currencies. and miracles?..ask my father who had alzheimers how the light worked...

great site man..."

So, to the person who left the above comment, sorry for your troubles.