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Friday, September 16, 2005

The factory floor

For those of you who are already parents this will come as no surprise, but for the uninitiated, the first few weeks/months of a new babies life find the parents of said baby suddenly gripped by a new found fascination with... poo. Me and my brother Adam have been regularly exchanging emailed observation of our respective newborns fecal productions. Currently both factory floors are churning out what appears to be a close analogue of Grey Poupon, or what is more commonly referred to in the literature as " yellow, grainy, seedy in appearance"... which is a pleasant enough, even slightly savory description. But I can guarantee that you wouldn't want to be spreading this stuff on your
jambon et fromage any time soon. Of course, as new production facilities come on line, a bewildering new array of goods on offer will change accordingly.

Luckily, a Japanese baby formula company has thoughtfully produced a lavishly illustrated guide to assist the new parent in making informed identifications of each new season's offering. I feel like a new enthusiast who's just been given next years catalogue. I want to collect them all.
But I can only imagine the poor studio photographer that accepted this commission and the concerns it might have prompted about their career track. I mean I wonder if he or she ever imagined they'd be pondering what the best way to light poo is?