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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

3 Months Nico

Yesterday marked Nico's 3rd month with us.

Nico and Kosei
The day before she got pampered with a nice baby massage when Miyuki took her to a class for new Mom's. There Nico met her new friend Kosei, a handsome little fella.

Rabbit rides
For her birthday Nico celebrated with a ride on her favorite stuffed rabbit.

Nico at 3 months
The 3rd month of life is considered a developmental marker for most babies. Nico showed off her newest skill, grabbing. Well, holding actually; she got some help from Dad in getting the rattle (courtesy of Grandma Rachel from her and Grandpa Joel's visit, thanks folks!). But once she got it, she really took that sucker for a spin...

Nico at 3 months

Nico at 3 months

Nico at 3 months

It was a nice day to stay indoors...

I mentioned that it snowed right?