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Thursday, December 29, 2005


Yup, did X-Mas this year. We even got a little X-Mas tree from the 100 yen shop (basically the same as a $1 store back in the States).

I would've never, EVER considered getting one when we were living back in Brooklyn, much to the dismay of Miyuki who always celebrated it when she was growing up. Because, even though the default religious setting for most Japanese born here is both Buddhism and Shinto, Japan is a PROFOUNDLY irreligious place and X-Mas has never been Christmas. There has never been any Christ in it at all. It's a secular holiday through and through. I wrote more about this last year which you can read here.

But were also doing Hanukah. Or as Miyuki has called our combined nod to nostalgia, "Chrisnukah".... I like it.