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Monday, December 26, 2005

Snow Days

OK, I've been slack on posting for the past 10 days but several factors have conspired against this. For one... dang! having a baby is lot's of work! I'm sure this comes as no surprise to the parents who have gone before us (me & Miyuki that is) but the care and maintenance of a young un' somehow magically(?) consumes the entire day. Wake, clean, soothe, feed, lather, rinse, repeat.... you'd think that after 3 months this wouldn't be news, but it just is amazing how fast the day goes...

Also, it's been snowing pretty much continuously for the last week. It's easily dumped 4 feet on the ground and there are places where the drifts are probably hitting 6 feet. It's been a VERY white x-mas. Here's a few shots of me and my brother-in-law, Yuichiro, shovelling waist deep snow... off the roof(!).

But nothing feels better afterwards than a nice soak in a nice big, deep Japanese bathtub.

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