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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Algorithm Taiso

Last Sunday we did something really fun. We headed into Tokyo -Harajuku specifically- and met a bunch of fellow geeks for a bit of “Algorithm Taiso” or “algorithm exercise”.

Algorithm Taiso is a segment on morning kids TV over here, courtesy of NHK, the Japanese equivalent of the BBC, which produces some fantastic programming. It’s 2 guys doing a routine where they synchronize their movements as they do a kind of “march”. Oftentimes they include others in the march. Sometimes cooks, sometimes pro-wrestlers or in the example below, ninja’s.

Miyuki found these folks through one of her communities on mixi, which is a kind of Japanese friendster. It’s a huge community (just the Algorithm Taiso one), well over a thousand people. But for the “off” meeting only about 12 people showed. A real eclectic bunch too (including us as well, of course).

We weren’t very good (well I wasn’t at any rate), but it was an awful lot of fun. Too see us in action, watch the clip below.

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Friday, June 23, 2006

We ate her....

no, not really. But how else to explain my prolonged absence from here? Well, first there was the move and then the unpacking and then my computer broke and then... well you get the idea.

But the computer breaking thing is the relevant point. I retired my busted out old g4 (well, IT really decided to retire) and got one of them new Intel-on-the-inside iMac's. She's a beauty. She also came with some free blogging software to go along with my .mac account. So.... I've decided to give it a go.

So to follow all things Nico, please head over to the new blog.


but damn that were some tasty baby.