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Wednesday, December 29, 2004


For Oshogatsu, the New Year, we've taken a little road trip to Miyuki's folks in Tsujido to visit with friends and family. Tsujido is a suburb of Tokyo, so we'll be making lots of trips into the big town. But since I'm on dail-up these posts will be significantly less graphic-rich than previous ones. (God! I HATE dail-up, I hate not being on broadband. It feels like trying to suck an orange through a straw.....arghh!!!)

Today we started off slow and wound up going down the street to the new Enoshima Aquarium where one of the main attractions is Minazo, the big fella above. It's a great aquarium with lots of fun interactive displays attractively presented. All the animals look healthy and well cared for.

I noticed one significant difference though to what one might expect at a similar facility back in the States. Time and time again I heard exclamations of kawaii!! which means cute, but that's to be expected here were cuteness is a valued quality. What took me a little aback was hearing soon after or before was "Oishi so!" which means "Ooh, looks so delicious!"

Kind of puts some fresh menace into the expression "ooh you look so good I could just eat you up".