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Monday, January 10, 2005

Back at last

to the land of the ice and the snow....

Back in the mountain bosom of Takayama, back to broadband, beds and not getting blasted every day.

Just a quick recap of some of the more enjoyable bits of our Tokyo jaunt...

We got a little culture in at the Edo-Tokyo Museum, which has an excellent permanent exhibit of life in Japan during the Edo period, which was roughly 200 years ago and an important era in Japanese history. It was fascinating to see the historical underpinnings of what, at first glance, had seemed to be some baffling cultural constructs of life in modern Japan. Highly recommended viewing.

Also, they had a temporary exhibition of the work (above) of Shigeru Mizuki. He's a manga artist here, whose kind of a national treasure. His most famous stories are ghost stories, but not really scary stuff. Think "Peanuts", but featuring the dead.

Afterwards, We had some fine, tasty chanko-nabe, which is Sumo food.

Blah, blah then lot's of shopping, then home... I'm tired, I'll report some more interesting stuff tomorrow.

But before I go, found this little tidbit today over at the New Scientist, "Rats can tell the difference between Dutch and Japanese". Which I find to be rather humbling...