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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Cheese Vader Gundam

This past weekend we had a bit of fun. Yuichiro, Miyuki's older brother, got us involved in a combination flea market, rollerblading competition and costume contest. Yeah, it's a bit of a difficult mix to grasp. But it worked out quite nicely! That is until we were soaked in buckets of rain. I designed the poster based on Yu-chan's costume from last year.

Cheese Vader
This year there was the addition of a Wisconsin cheese hat, courtesy of our pal Nathan Fox. Not too sure how well it improved the aerodynamic performance of the suit, but it certainly adds a splash of jaunty color.

When Gundam attacks
This year though, things got considerably more interesting when 2 dudes in full Gundam gear showed up.

When Gundam attacks
Although this suit is more properly referred to as Zaku.

When Gundam attacks
To see the rest of what happened when these two mighty mecha managed to skate at each other, click here.